Everyone wants to be happy, to live life on their own terms… yet the happiness we seek often bears no resemblance to the happiness we attain… a world full of fun-loving, feel-good, happiness-seekers… still unhappy, agonized, perplexed, grasping at air.

“…happy in morning, unhappy at midday,
depressed by evening”

But what if I told you the singular pursuit of happiness is unwise, misguided, even reckless toward successful, satisfying, significant living?

What if I told you that happiness is accomplished, not in pursuing & concerning yourself in what feels good, but in your decisions, priorities, actions, sustained through continuous personal growth?

This book will explain, what I know to be absolutely true of overcoming the machinations of this world… that through appropriate & effective decision-making, engaging the most competent judgement, in every aspect & circumstance of life, leads to the enduring unbridled happiness you seek.

Faced with important life decisions, even simple daily choices, we must ask ourselves, 1) what does common sense say, 2) what does research data suggest, and 3) what does the eternal infallible word of The Most High God tell us? This is Set-Apart Distinguished Decision Making !

For Men, Women, Parents, and Teens …

When all three pillars come together, align, and agree, they form vigorous structures of confirmation, to guide & uphold life’s most difficult & troubling decisions… when common sense speaks it, when research data proves it, when The Most High GOD commands it… then, with prayer, our decisions are sealed – all that’s left, is for us to exhibit the courage & audacity, to simply do what needs to be done – Happiness Be Damned !

– Keith G. Wright

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